Saturday, January 22, 2011

Online Video Advertising Case Studies

Pre/mid/post-roll adverts

Coca Cola

The target audience was 16 to 24 year olds. Users were encouraged to obtain a special promotion code from Coke can/bottles which featured the promotion and use it to go online and claim a free a music download from iTunes.

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The aim was to raise awareness of Kellogg’s Optivita. Target a 40+ female health conscious audience using carefully selected Web TV channels and Encourage click-throughs to the official Optivita site.

Download (367k)


Nationwide World Cup – FATV

To amplify Nationwide’s headline partnership with the England Football team in the build up to and during the 2010 World Cup. Deliver relevant environments and incremental reach outside broadcast TV for Nationwide England team TV advertising.

Download (405k)


Scottish Widows

To generate awareness of the Scottish Widows sponsorship of the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympics games utilising the media coverage of the Vancouver Winter Olympics back in February 2010.

Download (242k)


Strongbow ‘Bowtime’

To extend the incremental reach of the Strongbow broadcast television campaign online, leveraging engagement mechanisms and using the existing 10 & 60 second long television spots.

Download (373k)


Agency Steak used online video to promote Swiftcover through innovative advertising solutions that reach new audiences (driving incremental reach) and increase brand awareness.

Download (251k)


US TV Series, Dirt

The target audience was 18-34 year old females. The primary obejctive was to raise awareness of the new TV show amongst the target audience but also drive users through to the Channel Five site for more information about the show.

Download (828k)


Wes craven Hill's Have Eye's 2

The target audience was 18-24 year olds. The primary objective was to raise awareness of the release of the the DVD amongst the target audience and to drive users throught the site.

Download (995k)



Build on goodwill and consumer interaction with the brand, along with increasing passionate disposition towards the brand and delivering views of the full length video content.

Download (290k)


Interactive branded content

Jaeger “Shop The Catwalk”

With premium and luxury products from belts to coats available online, Jaeger wanted to develop the level of engagement with their customers across the site and increase basket size.

Download (309k)


Marks and Spencer TV

Raise the level of customer engagement on To bring the brand personality alive online and build brand advocacy through social integration.

Download (241k)


Prudential – Pension Surgery

With the average UK pension pot being under £20,000 at retirement, Prudential wanted to encourage their customers who were 15 to 5 years from retirement to increase contributions to their pensions or re-ignite their pension savings.

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Sponsored content

BT Vision

To raise awareness of BT Vision, as well as understanding that BT Vision is a digital TV service with VoD service. And create cross product benefit for BT Broadband, in the sense that BT Vision requires BT Broadband.

Download (255k)



Adidas miCoach

To drive views of the miCoach promotion videos, to introduce the miCoach programme to users.

Download (285k)


Seed video (Place Video)

Mazda MX-5 Thrills

To generate cross-platform exposure and buzz for the Mazda MX-5 Thrills campaign using 3 short video clips representing three different thrill-seeking experiences

Download (266k)


Real time social media

Old Spice

To increase sales of Old Spice and rebrand the product for a new generation of consumers to change perceptions of an "old brand".

Download (299k)


YouTube promoted videos and call-to-action overlays


Increase awareness of the OraBrush product, drive site traffic and sales.

Download (338k)


In-video overlay

Tesco Phone Shop

To increase brand awareness through in-video advertising to help boost the search results.

Download (242k)


i-Roll (interactive pre-roll)


To drive users to play the ‘Seriously Mixed Up’ Vimto game, and interact with the brand.

Download (299k)


Viral video

Virgin Media: ‘50 Megs’

Support Virgin Media ‘Powerful Stuff’ marketing platform and help launch the super-fast 50mb broadband.

Download (361k)

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