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How to Follow the Annual Meeting 2011 on Social Networks

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011 will make full use of the key social networks to open the Meeting to a wider audience and include the general public in the discussions.
During the opening plenary session, the questions put to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will come from the general public. Everyone is invited to submit their questions to the Russian president at A selection of the top-voted questions will be put to President Medvedev on Wednesday 26 January 2011 at 18.30 CET (17.30 GMT). Watch the opening session live at: Below is a guide to following the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011 on social networks.
The Forum has compiled an official Twitter list including 400 participants active on the micro-blogging service ( - not live yet). During the Meeting, their tweets will provide valuable insights and news from the Meeting. A Twitter list of journalists covering the meeting is also available on the Davos Media list ( The official hashtag of the Annual Meeting 2011 is #WEF.
Finally, follow the World Economic Forum on Twitter @Davos as well as on its live tweet account@WEF where key quotes will be tweeted from public plenary sessions and where most of the Twitter chatter will happen. World Economic Forum communities are also on Twitter at: @SchwabFound@TechPioneers and @YGLVoices.
Guest posts from selected participants will be available on the World Economic Forum blog( The Forum will also aggregate all media portals and partner blogs about the Annual Meeting on Netvibes
Social Media Corner
The key innovation this year is the special Social Media Corner in the Congress Centre, which will serve as the central social hub to discuss a range of topics with the general public around the official theme of “Shared Norms for the New Reality” on different social networks.
The Social Media Corner will have two video stations to allow participants to upload video replies to the questions submitted by YouTube users in the Ask a Leader series on the Davos Debates( The Forum has encouraged participants to reply to the videos uploaded by the YouTube community to create an open and direct dialogue between world leaders and the general public.
The Social Media corner will also feature a special Facebook station with live interviews with participants, which will be streamed on the Forum’s Facebook fan page (
A selection of the best pictures from the Annual Meeting will be made available free of charge under the creative commons licence (cc-by-sa) on Flickr The photos can be downloaded in high resolution, linked directly, or the set can be embedded (
Davos Debates on YouTube
As in previous years, the Forum has invited a video blogger through the Davos Debates competition on YouTube to participate in the Annual Meeting. From over 100 videos received, the Forum decided the entry from 29 year-old Canadian Shawn Ahmed best addressed the issue of inclusive growth, one of the key themes of the Annual Meeting. Ahmed, creator of “The Uncultured Project”, will participate in a panel and interview participants at the Social Media corner.
At the Social Media Corner, the Forum will conduct live interviews with selected participants that will be streamed on its Facebook page (
In selected sessions, it will also tap into the collective wisdom of the online population through the use ofpulses, quick polls on Facebook. The pulses allow the opinion of several thousand Facebook users to be captured in a matter of minutes. Their views will be fed back into the panel discussion of certain sessions.
The Congress Centre and the key hotels have been added to foursquare (, making it easier for participants to check in on this geo-location social network. Participants can also check in at the Congress Centre on Facebook Places ( 
All press conferences and key plenary sessions will be streamed live on Livestream( During press conferences, anyone can field questions directly to the panellists via Twitter and Facebook.
The plenary sessions will also be available on demand on the Forum’s YouTube channel Session videos from the Annual Meeting will be available here:
The Forum has developed a World Economic Forum application for iPhone and Android smartphones for the general public available in the app stores. The application integrates all of the Forum’s social media output – Twitter, Blog, YouTube and Flickr. Go to for full details on how to install the application.
The Forum will also release a number of reports, which will be available on Scribd ( Feel free to download, link to or embed the documents.
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