Monday, January 31, 2011

How to Drive Tons of Traffic to Your Site from One Post

Ask friends to help spread your content on Twitter & Facebook, too.
Spreading Valuable Content on the World Wide Web is important for increasing traffic to your blog or website. I wanted to show you a marketing tactic that works for increasing traffic to your site. And its all FREE (I love FREE marketing. Don’t you?)!

ONE Post

Take a post, any post. You now have a gold mine on your screen. How so?
Take your one post and…

Create a PowerPoint Presentation

Early, we discussed taking about an hour of your time to create a presentation that you can upload to
Don’t have the PowerPoint software? Use

Create a Video

You can create a screencast video about your blog post – a how-to video. Camtasia is a great software program for this. But its at a price of $300. However, there is a free 30-day trial period.
Don’t be dismayed. Use Firefox’s CaptureFox for FREE. It records audio, too. Just download it to your Firefox browser. The only draw back – some people experience audio lag – when the audio is not in sync with the video.
Consider doing a web cam video presenting your article. Make it informative. Stress your main points.
Now submit your video to:
Don’t forget to link back to your site in the video description field.
Counting your blog post – we’ve theorectically submitted to 6 different places to help bring in traffic.

Submit to your other blog sites

Don’t have any other blogs? Time to set some up to share your content. The reason is to boost your rankings due to high quality backlinks. Higher your ranking – more people will find you in the search engines. But it also works for bringing in more traffic from the blog.
You could put the same {post/video/powerpoint} on each site. If you do this method, set up your autopost option on Posterous. When you publish a post on Posterous, it will automatically send it out to your other websites. Its a nice time saver method.
Another method is to alternate posts for each of your blogs. Consider one of your blog sites to host just videos. Then alternate your powerpoint presentation and post on the other sites.
Alternate or Automate your posts on different blog sites:
  • Self-hosted domain
  • Posterous
  • Tumbler

Submit to directory sites and bookmarking sites

This part of the strategy may require a bit more time than the rest. It’s time to spin your articles and syndicate your content.
Spinning your articles basically means to rephrase your article for directory submission purposes.
Yes, there is article rewriter software (aka, spinning). But I have not used them. Not sure that I will. I prefer manually spinning my articles and its not too time consuming.
For a great read on manually spinning your articles, check out: David Leohardt’s Article Spinning – Spin Like a Pro
Different directories have different submission guidelines. Don’t feel you need to submit to them all. Pick a couple of good ones, like EzineArticles or ArticleBase, and have a go.
Yes, there is also article submitter tools (that promise to “submit your article to over 700 directories in less than 5 minutes!”). But by manually submitting I can guarantee they are going to high PR ranking sites.
The idea is to start submitting your link/post to a few directory and bookmarking sites. Then build from that.
Here is a list of some social bookmarking sites, web 2.0 sites, blog sites, and article directories you can start with:
  • Ezine Articles
  • Article Base
  • Buzzle
  • Mixx
  • StumbleUpon
  • Zoomit
  • Digg
  • Old Dogg
  • Google Buzz
  • Yahoo Buzz
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
Start a networking group with some friends. Where you can help promote eachother’s articles on these social bookmarking & directory sites.

Create a Web Effect

Kind of ironic – spider ‘web’ and WW ‘web’. In essence, we are creating a (spider) web effect with our one post. Creating links to our site = backlinking & increasing traffic to our site.
Your Ezine article will link back to your blog.
The video will link back to your blog.
The video post from your other blog will link to your YouTube account.
And so forth.
Publishing one post a week & spreading it on the web in different formats will have a more profound effect on your blog. Than trying to blog everyday without efforts to increase traffic.
My favorite quote,
“Take time to work ON your blog, rather than IN your blog”
To help you get started, I’ve created a Starter’s Checklist to help you get started:
How do you promote your blog posts?

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