Saturday, January 22, 2011

2011 Digital Marketing Trends


Econsultancy's webinar about Trends in Digital Marketing for 2011 is available for free, both as a PowerPoint presentation and broadcast (see below). 
The webinar, recorded in January 2011, features input from Econsultancy CEO, Ashley Friedlein, UK Research Director, Linus Gregoriadis, and US Research Director, Stefan Tornquist.  
The hour-long broadcast explores seven key trends that will be important in 2011. The 24-slide presentation includes information on joined-up marketing, organisational change, localisation ... plus much more. 


  • Joined-up marketing
  • Organisational change
  • Social business
  • Content as marketing
  • Data is the new oil 
  • Comeback of display advertising
  • Localisation

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Download a copy of the presentation to learn more. 


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Graham said...

Digital marketing is turning into a must have industry, with most advertising agencies moving looking at digital signage for 66% of their revenue.

Graham Gallagher
LCD Enclosure USA.