Maureen Heymans
Facebook is rumored to be developing a search engine to compete with Google's.
If so, it's going to need some of Google's brains.
But which ones?
business analytics firm called Seravia came up with a list of 10 Googlers it thinks Facebook should target.
How Servaia people came up with the list is pretty cool.
First they searched for patents owned by Google and 199 or so subsidiaries. They came up with 25,315 patents by 7,177 inventors.  Then they narrowed the patents to search inventions; they found 1,254 of them by 485 people.  Of those inventors, only 134 had 10 or more patents. They slimmed that group down to people who had filed their patents after 2008, and therefore would soon be completing their four-year vesting schedule. Finally, they ranked the remaining list of inventors by most patents filed.
According to Seravia, the top 10 people on that list are…