Monday, December 13, 2010

Webs Goes Mobile…And so can you!

Now you can Turn Your Website into a Mobile Site in 3 easy steps…FOR FREE!

Put your website in the hands of every mobile user – introducing the Mobile Website App by DudaMobile, a new addition to the Webs App Store. The Mobile App allows you to seamlessly give your website visitors best-in-class mobile user experience on any smart phone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc.). PLUS, it’s super simple to install.

In 3 easy steps you can turn your current site into a mobile one! 1. Install the Mobile Website App 2. Edit the look and feel of your mobile site 3. Presto! You are done

The app automatically creates an optimized mobile version of your Webs site to create highly tailored, dynamic mobile website:

Install the Mobile Website App today!

The app also automatically updates your mobile site when you make changes to your current website, plus you gain access to tons of great features like:

  • Click-To-Call Option
  • Mobile Map & Directions
  • Mobile Site Analytics

Top 3 Reasons to Create A Mobile Site:

1. Your users are mobile - there’s over 1 billion mobile devices worldwide and growing. 38% of U.S. cell phone owners access the internet from their mobile device. 2. Increase Site Traffic – Research shows that adding a mobile website can increase the total traffic to your website by 13%. 3. Increase Conversion Rates – Convert mobile users to customers using features like Click-to-Call and address with mobile maps and directions.

Install the Mobile Website App today!

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