Sunday, April 22, 2012

VIDEO: Tesco trialling augmented reality app

Tesco revealed this week, in a video blog from chief information officer Mike McNamara, that it was trialling an augmented reality app. McNamara said the technology was ‘in the lab today’, but would be seen in stores by the end of the year.

Currently, the app allows shoppers to use their smartphone to take a flat image of a product or poster in order to add the ingredients of a sandwich to their dotcom basket, ‘bringing it to life and giving it three dimensions’.
However, McNamara adds: ‘In the months ahead, you’ll see millions of other applications. If a celebrity chef on TV has a new recipe, then you can buy the ingredients and bring to life the chef actually making the recipe. Lego bricks come flat pack, but this can construct them right in front of your eyes. There are many more applications; it’s as broad as your imagination.’

Tesco began trialling augmented reality, from Kishino, last year, with shoppers able to see life-size 3D projections of 40 products from the Tesco Direct catalogue both on in-store and at-home webcams.
See the full video here, where McNamara also shows of Broccoli Cam, the latest in electronic shelf-edge labels (cuts the time taken to change prices from one week to one hour across the whole store estate), and showcases video-on-demand service Blinkbox.

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