Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Home in Bangalore

Jackfuit in the foreground followed by ramphal, orange and gauva in the background
God help me, I forgot which is this lovely creeper which forms an arch on the south side, inspite of my wife (the gardener) telling me a thousand times. Car porch and dining room with stairway to heaven
Courtyard with a creeper running above the charjah with flowers in bloom which drop down
Invasion of the greens on the south side.
Entrance to our home and east facing balcony done in typical kerala 'tharwad' style as well as south side balconey and car porch
Steps leading to the orchard with virtually all fruit trees you can think about. That's the amazing thing about Bangalore. Everything grows as long as you can find water and enough love to nurture it.
Barbeque pit in the foreground under the cherry tree

Driveway which gives us access across two two roads in the layout with kerala 'tharwad' kind verandha to laze.

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