Thursday, July 17, 2014

Keyword Research Should be the First Step in the Web Design Process

One of the advantages of working with an integrated web design firm is that all elements of form and function can be considered and implemented in the design process from the beginning.

What Pages Should be Included on your Website?

In addition to a Homepage, most websites have some version of an About Us and Contact Uspages. Where you really see differentiation in an effective design layout is in theServices/Products pages.
In small business web design, it’s common to see one page listing all of the services or products that your business offers. While this may work from the perspective of your visitor, it’s likely that you’re missing out on significant opportunities to be found on the Search Engine Results pages.
Keyword research will reveal not only the actual words that searchers are using to find your business – these may be different than the ones industry insiders use – but also the variety of keywords that are used to find the products/services that your business offers.
Example: Financial Planning Firm
Based on the planner’s needs and recommendations, a typical Financial Planning Firm website will be set up with a main navigation similar to that shown below:
However, if Keyword research is performed prior to building the website, the Planner and web designer would know that Financial Advisor is searched almost twice as often as Financial Planning, and nearly three times as much as Financial Planner.
In addition, even if the primary services page was optimized for Financial Advisor instead ofFinancial Planning, the firm would still be missing out on the being found for Advisor Servicesrelated terms like:
Without getting into specific, detailed keyword considerations, it is fairly obvious from a marketing/SEO perspective that a financial firm would benefit from a design that included more service pages in their navigation.


No matter your business or industry, beginning the web design process with keyword research will help insure that your website includes the pages and keywords that your prospective customers/clients are searching for.

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