Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Now, an app to help you think creatively

There is an app to simplify every task and now one to think creatively. Yes, you now have an app that helps you think creatively — an important ability for anyone looking to make it big in today’s competitive world.
TickleMeThink© is an iOS app (iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch) that makes it easy to create new ideas anytime anywhere, an official statement says.
So how does TickleMeThink© help people think creatively. According to the statement, it does so by first helping you define your problem sharply and create ideas for it. (You could post your problem on social networks, use crowd sourcing and get new ideas!)
The app then offers you six different ‘tickles’ to help you come up with new angles to your problem.
The app only provides a variety of stimuli. Thus, ultimately, it is you who creates the new ideas!
The first two ‘tickles’ are used often: Search the web. Call a friend. The next 4 ‘tickles’ make us think of different ways to solve the problem. They are: Action verbs that are a prescription for action; Quotes (inspiring), Jolts (provocative) and Visuals (evocative)
There are 100 different tickles in each option that appear in a random order. If you do not like any tickle you can skip it and choose another one. You have 99 other tickles to choose from! In all you have 400 tickles at your finger tips!
According to the statement these ‘tickles’ are likely to throw up completely different ideas.
So what are the kinds of problems that the app can help you tackle. Simple. The app asks you to fill the blank after the words How do I _____. So, from How do I reduce 10 lbs in 1 year to How do I improve my speed to market, it can help you tackle anything.
Priced at $4.99/Rs 270, the app is available at Apple stores. It comes with simple video tutorials to guide you through the process of thinking creatively.
So what are the key benefits of the app? According to the statement, there are several benefits but the top three are: It helps you create a range of different ideas for one problem; it helps you bust frustrating mental blocks; and 5 per cent of the sales proceeds goes to building creative thinking and problem solving skills amongst children.
R. Sridhar, the 64-year-old creator/developer, worked with Ogilvy India for 25 years before venturing out as an Innovation Coach 13 years ago. TickleMeThink© is the culmination of the last 20 years of his work in helping people to think differently.
(This article was published on July 2, 2013)
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