Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Five Techniques To Roll Out The Welcome Mat For New Website Visitors

Five Techniques To Roll Out The Welcome Mat For New Website Visitors
We all have high hopes when we visit a website, thinking here is the website where I will find the solution to my problem or to fulfill a need and now it’s up to you to deliver the goods! One way to keep the emotions running high is by welcoming your visitors properly. Half of the battle is getting a new visitor’s attention and showing them that you have what they are in search of. A good welcome makes the difference in whether someone will return or not. Below are 5 ways you can create an impactful greeting for your website visitors.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse

Hit them with your best shot and show them what makes you different from your competitors. The best way to accomplish this is through some sort of offer or guarantee you can back up 100 percent. Put your best foot forward and make them take an action. Offer your deal of the day, a guarantee of the best customer service, or offer 10 percent off their first purchase. It’s the little acts of goodwill that can make them a repeat visitor.

Create an interesting video

We are attracted to things that are clickable. Greet your visitors with a welcome video to show them what is here for them to check out or explain your product or service in a more appealing fashion. Text can only do so much, sometimes you need to up the ante to showcase what you do.

Show how easy you are to get a hold of

Provide a comforting feeling to your guest by letting them know that you are here for them and are easily accessible. People want to know that if they have questions or need advice that you will be there to answer the call and not leave them high and dry. Display the mediums in which you can be reached throughout your entire website.

Provide them with the latest news

Content is a great way to greet your guest since one of the main reasons we use the web is to get information. Provide them with news that is relevant to your industry and convey it in a matter that will make others see how it can affect them. This way you become a helpful resource of information and not a product pusher.

Make it known who you are

Don’t be afraid to let your visitors know who you are and what your role is within the company. Many people want to connect with the person that is administrating the website and there are many ways you can accomplish this; in a bio, video, pictures, etc…

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What are some ways you welcome visitors to your website?

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