Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FedEx Pitch Team at JWT/RMG Connect

This was one of the key pitches in 2009 at RMG Connect. It was a test of the unification agenda with JWT. The pitch was led by Gopal Modi (man in the centre with the Danny DeVito look) and supported by the cast including the planner Rajesh from JWT, the digital team Avrinder and Anuj, writer Ananda, art Ravi and Dhunji Wadia who headed JWT Mumbai. People in the picture from FedEx are Nivedita, Priyal, Varsha and Nikkie. The work was amazing (some of which is lying on the table in the pic), the presentation was spot on, and the team chose to wear FedEx colors. Oh me? I am the guy on the far left. Always on the client side (with the beautiful ladies). Another key member of the team Hemal Patel is taking the photograph. His photograph was to be morphed in the space between the ladies and myself. The gap remains.

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